Security Appraisal

“Before spending money on security, let Conserv advise you on how to spend it wisely”

Our team of dedicated security officers will assess your homestead, business, general area ect. Giving you on site recommendations, formulate and submit to you a written report. Advice will be given on systems, products and procedures that should ideally be implemented to improve your security.

Area Monitoring

Area Monitoring is aimed at the local community’s need to establish the movement of people and traffic which may influence the crime in that particular area. All data captured in this process is fed back to the community for further consideration. This process normally precedes an “Area Blitz”.

Area Blitz

Is your local community plagued by a Crime Wave?

Conserv will put a team of highly skilled personnel into your area, either covert or visual. Our tried and tested methods will reduce your crime immediately.

Security Lectures

Conserv offers a lecture on “Security in Rural Area’s”. The presentation may include demonstrations, hints and products available.

See our self defense demonstrations, find out what “Battle Signs” are, and how to organize your community and what an emergency plan can do for you.

Rescue Service

Conserv in conjunction with other institutions will be instrumental in co-ordinating Rescue Services. This may include vehicle breakdowns, air-lifting patients, cave rescue etc.

This is only applicable in areas where Conserv Security is operational.

Alarm Monitoring


Reaction To Electronic Signals

This is only applicable in areas where Conserv Security is operational.


For more information please contact Conserv Security at 083 655 1315 or 083 454 6528
Fax: 086 658 3787 or email