cDefinition of a FARM ATTACK
“Acts of Violence against farms and smallholdings”
Acts of violence against farms and smallholdings are those acts aimed at any person or person living or working on, or visiting, farms and smallholdings, with the intent to murder, rape, rob, or otherwise inflict bodily harm or to intimidate.
For statistical purposes the following crimes are listed as specific acts which constitute violence against farms and smallholdings:
Direct Acts:
Attempted Murder
Assault GBH
Armed Robbery (Including Vehicle Hijackings)
Indirect Acts:
Malicious damage to property
The monitoring of these acts of violence resulted from discussions between Government and Organised Agriculture and the recognition by Government that this type of violence poses a specific crime threat which requires specific attention.
Cases related to domestic violence, drunkenness or commonplace social interaction between people on farms and smallholdings are excluded from this definition. [Such cases must be attended to by the police as part of normal policing]
It is important to determine, as accurately as possible, the motive behind these acts of violence, whether it is to disrupt the commercial activities on a farm or smallholding for purposes related to political, ideological or racist considerations, or labour and land disputes, or revenge, or any other reason.