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General IT Support

Hardware support as well as fault localisation and repairs to hardware, desktop and laptop.Knowledgeable on the major operating systems, Microsoft From (win95 to win10), Linux – Ubuntu and MacOS, from installation through to maintenance.  Personally use all three.Setting up and use of open source software, unless there is a specific need for commercial packages. This gives cost effective solutions to most problems without the exorbitant cost of commercial packages.Do development work on MS Office using VBA mainly to improve efficiency and remove repetitive tasks.Networking installations and repairs to both cabled and wi-fi.
Trevor Brough
083 777 0959
Indicium  Computer and Network Solutions

Consulting Services
Computer and Network Security Services, Policies and Auditing
General Networking & Mobile Computing
Business Automation
Reactive Response and Repair Services
Disaster Recovery, or Business Continuity Planning
Data / File Recovery
Recovery from Malware Infections on Computers and External Devices
Installation of Software

Operating System Updates and Management

Stef Wnuczek-Lobaczewski
081 041 4621
iGcomputers looking after all your  IT needs.

From original printer cartridges, to general maintenance to all computers and laptops, to maintaining the IT side of Home Offices, and Small and Medium Businesses (wired or wireless). Repair and upgrade to all makes of PCs and laptops, and design & manage networks.

The list of items that I sell is vast – please see  If there’s something IT that you need and it’s not listed, please contact me Ian on 082-455-0890 or email
Ian Grant