About us

Conserv Security is a registered Security Company and Radio Dealer. We specialise in Creating ‘Security Support Groups” in both Urban and Rural Communities.

Our Vision:
To create safe environments
Our Mission: To empower individuals and communities to take control of factors affecting security in their environs by providing effective implementation strategies and support systems
Main Objective: To save a life

Areas of Expertise
Conserv Engages in most facets of security including but not limited to:
* All types of Crime incidents
* Rhino Poaching
* Medical Emergencies
* Motor Vehicle Accidents
* Farm Attacks
* Missing Persons
* Natural Disasters
* Fires etc

Conserv being the first to offer the only long term sustainable Community Security Support Group systems, with over 23 years of experience, we will structure, administrate, put in communication networks (sms/2 way radio etc), intelligence gathering & annalist systems, Data Bases (Incident/ Labourers/ Logistics/ Intel/ Clients/ Suspect vehicle,) proactive and reactive area actions plans and coordinating operations (Including the Colour coded incident stratergies – The Yor Plan), logistical requirements, give you the skills and knowledge via our training programs, and amongst other be there for you and your family in the event of an emergency, when contacting our 24 hour seven day a week National Incident Centre (NIC)

Training interventions include: Organised Crime (Know and understand the threat) and Physical security lectures, Scene Coordination, Communications management, A-Team, Patrolling, 1st Aid, Trauma, Logistics and Fire Fighting team training. Firearm training on 3 levels and implementation of proactive, reactive and Area Security Action Plans for organized communities.

Reaction packages include Full Reaction, Monitor Of Alarm Signals, Patrols and for clients without electronic systems we offer a “call in” service. Our staff members are fully trained and qualified security officers.

We also offer a variety of security products and equipment including: sms alarm systems, first aid kits, two way radio communication, pepper sprays, guardian angels, jpx guns, torches and strobe lights, these are only but a few of the products available for purchase from Conserv. The products available on our website which have been tried and tested by ourselves.

Please contact Conserv more information or to have us present our unique methodology and dynamic systems